High Beautiful Experiences

As an event management team, we focus on program development and coordinating meeting agendas. Our mission is to inspire a positive perspective about cannabis consumption, career and business opportunities.

Event Design & Production

We are prepared to work with you to develop and execute event plans aligned with our mission to inspire a positive cannabis perspective. Assistance with event timelines, venue negotiations, banquet planning, and creative production (event signage, marketing campaigns etc) is available if service is requested between 6-12 months prior to event date.

Let’s work together to deliver an experience that attendees and sponsors want to repeat!

Social + Sponsor Activation

We work with you to organize sponsorships and social media campaigns regarding products + services featured at your event.

Brands participating and supporting your function, deserve high-quality creative activations, rather than the traditional, “logo on a banner,” tactic of sponsor recognitions.

Program Development

People repeat experiences that add value to their lifestyles. Our program experiences range from leadership development, and career discussions; to international cannabis culture and education.

We aim to design programs that inspire people to take action: we are excited to work with you to create a program agenda for your upcoming event!

Let’s connect soon, send us a message: