High Beautiful Experiences

High Beautiful is an event & marketing management agency. Our goals consist of inspiring a positive cannabis experience & perspective about consumption and business/career opportunities.

We are currently accepting new sponsorship, marketing & event production projects for the 2018 – 2020 calendar years.

Social + Sponsor Activation

We work with you to organize sponsorship + social media campaigns surrounding your product/service or special events.

Event Design & Marketing Production

We are prepared to work with you to develop and execute experiential marketing plans.

Let’s work together to deliver an experience that everyone remembers and wants to repeat!

Program Development

People repeat experiences that add value to their lifestyle. Our program experiences range from leadership development, career discussions; to international cannabis culture and education:
we are prepared to work with you to create a comprehensive program agenda for your upcoming event!


In-house Event Series


Wellness Sesh

The Wellness Sesh is a pop-up event that features chair yoga (for all experience levels), fresh juice tasting, cannabis networking, and a safe place to learn about alternative DIY remedies for maintaining a positive and healthy lifestyle.



Infusion brings people together to experience cannabis products and services, during an evening filled with networking activities, local food and live infusions.

420 Upgrades

420 Upgrades

420 Upgrades is a platform used by High Beautiful to promote international Cannabis Events and Activities.

Let’s connect soon, send us a message: